Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who is the Chicest of Them All...

Hello Everyone,

Siren Chic is pleased to announce a new weekly competition, "Street Chicest."

Every week readers will decide between two people's street style.  The winner will compete the following week and so on until they are beaten.

If any one person wins 5 times, they will receive a prize (jewelry,store credit, beauty products, etc).  They will also win a "Queen/King of Chic" badge for their blog as well.

All participants will receive a "Street Chicest" nominee badge, and all winners will receive a "Street Chicest" winner badge.

Submit pics to to compete.

Good luck everyone, this should be fun.


Siren Chic


JoJo said...

posh!! following ur blog! <3

JoJo said...
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