Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hettie Hair Accessories

Courtesy of Hettie Hair Accessories
Have you ever found a little boutique or store that sells items that are so unique and fashion forward, that you are reluctant to share it with anyone else?  Well I have decided to share one of my finds.  Hettie Hair Accessories is an online boutique with handmade designs from Hettie Silovitz.

Duchess Kate Middleton
Hettie is an FIT graduate, who was inspired to start an accessories line after working in Bergdorf Goodman and the cosmetics industry for several years.  Her line includes barrettes and headbands for everyday wear and special occasions, necklaces, as well as fascinators. 

Fascinators have recently become trendy thanks to the newest member of the royal family, Duchess Kate Middleton.   Hettie’s fascinators are perfect for special occasions, or just an evening out.  They are quirky, fun, and add elegance to any ensemble.  You can find Hettie’s collections of fascinators, and other accessories at  Thank me later guys,  happy shopping.

P.S.  Hettie was nice enough to donate one of her pieces for you to win. Check my last post for details about winning a gorgeous applique necklace.  Good luck! 


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