Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Size of Beauty

The fashion industry has recently been criticized for its obsession with tall very thin models.  According to Plus Model Magazine, models today weigh twenty-three percent less than the average woman.  Just twenty years ago, at the height of the careers of super models like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford, models were only eight percent smaller than the average woman. 
These numbers are staggering, and they do make it very easy to judge the fashion industry.  In fact, many people blame Hollywood and the fashion industry for the rising number of eating disorders among today's youth.
The Young Girls That Rule the Runways

The Women Who Ruled the Runway
As a designer, I must admit that I prefer thin models. For me it is more cost effective, simply because I use less material, and alterations are easier on a tall, thin body-type.  Most of the clothing I design just hangs better on a size two to six  I know many models in this range that are healthy and just naturally thin.  However, I still consider size six thin.  There are those in the fashion industry who consider size six and up plus sized.

While models will never look like the average woman, there are signs that the fashion industry is starting to take a stance on the issue.  19 Vogue editors recently agreed to ban unhealthy looking, and under aged models from their publication.  This decision will hopefully promote a healthier body image to to the fashion faithful.

Designers will always seek out models that have a unique look, and an ideal body type.  Perhaps society should change what is considered ideal.  We have the power to change the media's obsession with skinny.  They can only sell what we are willing to buy.  We should not support publications that use a ton photo editing to make models appear smaller.  We should buy magazines that use models of all sizes, and advertise clothing for all types of women.  Lets face it, healthy is normally larger than a size zero.

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