Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back 2 School Shopping Tips

Here are some great tips to get the most for your money while back to school shopping.

1. Have a predetermined budget. Parents this is a good way to teach kids about budgeting.  Having a predetermined budget will insure a more pleasant shopping experience.
And kids, if you know your budget, you can plan accordingly. In a nutshell, everyone wins.

2. Sort through your wardrobe. The great thing about "Back to School" shopping is that you get an opportunity to reinvent your look. Sorting through your wardrobe will not only allow you to determine what you need, but it is also give you the chance to get rid of all of the items that you do not wear. You could either give all of the things that you can no longer use to charity, or even trade items with your friends.

3. Do your research. After sorting through your old cloths and determining what you need, do your research. Look through Sunday papers, and online for coupons and promotions. You find great sales that way. Also look online for key pieces that you may be willing to splurge on, like the perfect jeans, or a great dress. Many stores have items online that they do not sell in stores.

4. Do not do all of your shopping in one day. Procrastination is never good. It is almost impossible to find an entire wardrobe in one day. If you plan to get the most for your money, you will need time to research and to get to several locations. Who wants to miss out on the best deals because of a lack of planning?

5. Try shopping with a friend. If you choose to shop with a friend, make sure that it is someone who knows your style, and has no problem being honest with you. A second opinion is always helpful.

6. Buy items that can be mixed and matched. There are some items that you will always need. A great pair of jeans for example, should be on everyone's list. And do not forget camis, tanks, and tees. They can always be layered, and mixed and matched to create several wardrobe options.

7. Be conscience of fit. There are so many beautiful young ladies that wear clothing that does not fit. Be proud of your body at whatever size you are. You can find cool cloths that fit no matter your size. So embrace your shape, and find cloths that make your body look its best.

8. Do Not Skip on Accessories. The great thing about accessories is that they can make a t-shirt and jeans look chic. They can bring personality to any outfit. Accessories are important, but do not over do it. The Mr. T look is never good.

9. Don't forget about dress code. Everyone hates it, but school dress code is an unfortunate reality. So make sure you know the dress code before you shop. It would be silly to waste your money on cloths that you are not allowed to wear.

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